Fitness, Yoga and Theta Healing

Experience a unique and intuitive blend of different physical and spiritual teachings to get fit, relieve stress, find inner peace and feel great!

Genevra Petito - yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and owner of Supergirl Fitness

I’m Genevra.
I am so glad we found each other!

I help women maintain and improve muscle and bone strength by teaching small-group fitness and yoga classes. I love to make exercise easy and fun without spending hours at the gym, so that what really matters in your life is more vibrant and meaningful.

My educational background in Exercise Physiology combined with my passion for Hatha Yoga and Energetic Healing give my programs a unique yet practical flair.

I offer small-group classes and exclusive, one-on-one sessions
that cater to the needs of active, ageless women.

Small-Group Classes and how they work

Small group classes allow for a smart and personalized approach, to improve students' abilities while preventing injury.

Nanette Hoffer - Supergirl Fitness

“I especially like the small, nurturing class environment. Being part of a group of other active, young-minded seniors that share similar needs and expectations is just what I want.”

Nanette Hoffer, age 70

What to expect:

  • A bright, clean, and spacious yoga studio.
  • A safe and supportive environment.
  • A knowledgeable, positive and persistent teacher.
  • Classes generally have 6-8 students.
  • Classes are held once a week during 8-week sessions.
You are Important!

Small Group Classes run in 8-week sessions and have no more than 6-8 students in the group. The benefit of this is it allows personalized attention, predictability and comfort in knowing your fellow fitness classmates.

I want to get into a class,

but it says re-enrollment only.

Currently enrolled students have “first dibs” on their spot for the next session. This means that open registration might not be available for some classes until about two weeks before the session begins. You are welcome to place yourself on the waiting list to be notified and enrolled if space becomes available.

Guaranteed Spot in Class!

Online class registration is easy and available in the weeks before the 8-week session begins. Some classes have a pre-registration period, to allow current students to re-enroll and maintain their spot in the class.

About Genevra

An Experienced Teacher

I had just finished college when I started "doing business as" Supergirl Fitness - hence the name. (It still makes people smile so I've never changed it.) In the 12+ years since, I've been utilizing my background in Exercise Physiology, TriYoga® and Theta Healing® to bring people an experience that's more than just a workout.

Genevra has extensive fitness, yoga and spiritual training, and continues to expand her knowledge and experience through various courses and seminars on a regular basis. Starting in the fitness world with a B.S. in Exercise Science at Ithaca College over 14 years ago, she has always had an interest in the body and a compassionate drive towards healing others.

What's this Theta Healing stuff?

I love Theta Healing® as much as I love yoga. I find the effects similar - the inner peace that accompanies understanding one's connection to Everything. The body gives us the feeling of inner knowing that we are more than this.

Genevra Petito meditates in Natural Seat yoga pose - Supergirl Fitness

In Her Spare Time

Whether surrounded by trees or in her kitchen, Genevra applies her healthy philosophy and spiritual grounding to all aspects of her life. Fresh air and nature are an important getaway to be able to turn the electronics off and recharge the spirit. Genevra and her husband Daniel are frequently discovering new trails in the Upstate New York area, cooking up delicious meals, and restoring their Arts and Crafts house (circa 1910) in the city of Rochester.

Her Husband Daniel

The Computer Ninja and a jack of all trades! When Daniel is not making use of the power tools around the house, he's designing software, web pages, or up to something generally nerdy. Always up for enjoying a cup of coffee from one of the many local coffee shops, Daniel strives to keep a healthy balance between the fast-paced online world and a grounded, strong body.

Genevra Petito and Daniel Petito, creators and owners of Supergirl Fitness