Yoga Bones

Bones and Balance

Tuesdays 12:00pm - 1:00pm
March 6th - April 24th
Ended on April 24th
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8 sessions 60-minutes

Yoga Bones classes, use concentration on the breath and body alignment with movements and postures that are specific to maintaining optimal health. Exercises specific to stimulating bone growth in the hips, back and wrists are woven into a routine that also encourages exercises to improve posture, balance, flexibility and core strength. What makes this class unique is the use of just our body weight as the tool for initial bone building. This prepares the joints and establishes a stable foundation of core strength before increasing intensity. Finally, like yoga class, there is time for deep relaxation at the end. We’ll get a lot done in this, super-specific class! Exercise tubing for added resistance are often incorporated into our weekly workout.

This is a small group class, limited to 6 students.

Yoga Bones students will be encouraged to “work-out” 1-2 times between weekly classes.

Class Policies