Yoga Bones: Senior Specific Flow Ideal for Bone Building

Teaching Yoga to Active, Older Adults

Saturday, March 9th 10:00am - 5:00pm
Ended on March 9th
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Strong, Upright, and Balanced - Supergirl Fitness
1 session 420-minutes

Supergirl Fitness Yoga Bones is a class format that emphasizes postures specific to maintain and build bone mineral density, therefore gently slowing the effects of bone loss associated with aging. I have been teaching this class format at students at Supergirl Fitness for several years and I’m seeing great results in my older adult students who are reporting improvements from their DEXA scan tests - and even increases in height!


This workshop will present two, 60-minute sequences that demonstrate the 15 most effective and accessible kriya and asana for bone benefit within the least amount of time. As well, how to recognize common misalignments that new and seasoned practitioners will have and how to verbally adjust and move on.

Because it is important to see these flows on actual older bodies, some of my students will join our practice.

Practical Experience

Snafus and unexpected situations that arise during seniors’ yoga classes will be touched on giving you confidence and readiness to begin working with this age group. Topics we’ll cover:

  • Easy adjustments to make on the fly to help a student perform an asana in a gentler way without disturbing the class.
  • How best to interact with this population if you aren’t used to it.
  • Discussion around how to take into consideration the time of day, time of year and readiness of your student or group when formatting the day’s class.
  • Quickly assessing a brand new student with no yoga experience when they arrive to your class unannounced.
  • Handling other awkward situations.

Supporting Background

An overview of the physiological process of bone building and depletion will be included as well. Plus, I will share what I consider to be the most effective flow for fall prevention!

Working with “seniors” is very rewarding and I hope that many new yoga teachers will find this true. If you are “feeling called” to expand your services to support this special population then I hope this workshop will get you ready. You may also gain knowledge from this if you a physical therapist or occupational therapist or student in these fields. All are welcome and 5 CEUs from Yoga Alliance are credited to yoga teachers.

Teaching yoga is an honor. Teaching yoga to older adults is a privilege.
Genevra Petito

This is a small group class, limited to 8 students.

There will be a one hour lunch break during this session

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