Road Trip!

Genevra Petito with TriYoga founder, Kaliji at a yoga workshop in Pennsylvania - Supergirl Fitness

A weekend with the guru always magical.

I am very grateful to share that I’ll be heading for the hills, literally, as I drive to Central Pennsylvania today for four days of yoga with Kaliji, my teacher and the founder of TriYoga!

Classes in Free the Hips, Free the Spine, and Subtle Anatomy are among some of the 3-hour workshops I’ll be attending. It’s enlightening to be the student and it reinforces to me the power of this work. Something magical and unexplainable always happens in the presence of my teacher, involving an epiphany or lesson I can bring home to share with my yoga students.

Plus it’s also fun to be the student!

The picture above is from last year and you may recognize Sara and Miriam. I’m in the middle with the biggest smile. Theresa Shay on the left and Kaliji on the right. Last year we had a vegan feast to celebrate Kaliji’s birthday, and stayed up until midnight chanting!

TriYoga founder, Kaliji
Students practicing yoga at a TriYoga workshop.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn when I get back!

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