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Genevra Petito teaches a class how to perform a Basic Squat exercise to help improve bone health and density - Supergirl Fitness

I’m very excited about presenting a new class format called Yoga Bones (starting this Saturday) because addressing bone density now can have significant impact on your future health status when you take the right actions. (And, inevitably, we are all going to be older some day…) Probably the best question I received was from Barbara, who asked, with her fabulous accent:

So, how are you going to build bone with this class?

Great question, Barbara! The basics behind Yoga Bones is simply to perform exercises that will place load and stress on the body to stimulate a reaction in our bones. We’ll specifically target regions of the body that are most prone to bone loss.

Why is this approach going to work?

Yoga Bones is based on the scientific understanding that bones adapt to the stresses placed upon them. From a 2009 study of how practicing yoga affected bone strength, it was found that the adaptations experienced by the body were directly related to the stresses applied over time (Fishman 2009).
How cool is that?

Many people don’t realize that they can influence bone density

It’s easy for people to relate to the idea that they can make their muscles stronger, because we can readily see and feel the results almost immediately. With bone tissue, you can’t really feel your mineral density increasing the way you can feel the soreness of your muscles telling you that you just did something and it’s working, keep it up! What people don’t seem to realize is how improving muscle strength, indirectly builds their bone strength as well.

Knowing this fact gives us the motivation and power to want to be stronger now in order to have a positive influence over future bone health.

It’s important to recognize that, while many factors contribute to bone health, we don’t have to simply give in to the fate of our genetics.

What will the class specifically involve?

The intention of this introduction class is to learn some of the best exercises that strengthen regions of the body with higher percentages of trabecular bone. As, the hips, spine and wrist are most affected by bone loss associated with aging, the exercises in this class will focus on these areas.

The beauty of the exercises you’ll learn is that you can do them easily and anywhere with the body as your gym.

One of the most important, functional exercises we’ll learn and master are squats and their many exciting variations.

Why squats?

Squats are a very functional exercise that translates well into many of our daily activities and movements. They also stimulate the hip bones and the lumbar spine (again, which are most susceptible to age-related bone loss.) Hip fractures in old age are often very serious!

What I’ve found in my experience of working with women is that they frequently avoid exercises like squats. Often it’s arthritic knees, joint pain, or weakness, that prevent them from liking this exercise.

If it hurts, they aren’t going to keep doing it. It’s discouraging.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of safely working with your body for positive results. We’ll work around any quirks or pain by adapting so that exercises feel good, and strengthen the muscles in a different way.

Finally, why should someone take this class?

As I recently heard from one of my yoga students,

“I just got my bone density test a few weeks ago and found the results a bit alarming!”

Enough said.

This class is ideal for women who have osteopenia or osteoporosis (or are at risk for osteoporosis) and want to know what types of strengthening exercises they can do to prevent, slow or reverse bone loss - without having to spend hours at a gym - so that what really matters in your life is more vibrant and meaningful.

Yoga Bones classes are available now.

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