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Easy Tree is an easy way to improve your balance!

I’m delighted to share with you a new 5-Minute DIY Yoga class that I like to refer to as the “Easy Tree.” Most of you know Tree Pose - Easy Tree is just a little bit more do-able.

I started teaching it this way in response to some of my yoga students repeatedly losing their balance (and inner peace) within just seconds of standing on one foot. “I’ve got horrible balance, ughhh,” would usually follow in a tone of aggravation.

Banishing these false beliefs and unnecessary frustrations are the motivation for Easy Tree and this new 5-Min DIY Video. It’s an important one because it teaches you how to build stability in your hips gradually, (while boosting your ego a bit too).

Tree Pose - Supergirl Fitness
This version of Easy Tree is for people that are having difficulty holding balancing postures and want a simple way to fix it.

Some of my yoga students find that holding Tree pose for just 10 seconds is impossible. So, if you are “in the same boat” then this will be great for you! It makes Tree Pose doable by strengthening the muscles and keeping two feet feet on the ground.

As you build hip and leg strength and balance, then you may intensify the pose simply by narrowing your foot position. Give it a try and pass it on to all the people you love!

Victory to inner strength! Victory to balance!
Victory to inner peace!

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