Adapted Dancer Pose

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Greetings all yoga buddies and fitness enthusiasts!

Not everyone can reach back and hold their foot so gracefully in Dancer Pose. But, now you can. You have permission to use the belt.

Beginners, be near a wall when attempting this. Or, ask your yoga teacher to help you before trying this on your own. I do not recommend this as a starting place for your balance practice.

Consider mastering “Easy Tree” before moving on to “Adapted Dancer.”

For those of you that feel quite at ease in this pose you can challenge your balance by standing on a thick yoga mat (fold your mat a few time to make it thicker). Some of my 70+ students can do it on the Bosu balancer. Shoot for a goal of about one minute on each side.

Give this one a try and let me know what you think, would ya? Be aware that it will take a couple tries to get the size of the loop just right and then it will take a couple tries to get comfortable putting it over the shoulder.

And don’t forget to share it with someone you like that you think would also benefit from some Supergirl Fitness. I look forward to seeing you in a yoga or fitness class soon!!

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