Introduction to Ball Cobra

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I’m happy to share a new 5-Minute DiY Yoga Class with you today!

Ball Cobra is one of the exercises we practice every time in Yoga Bones class - that’s how important it is! Try it, and I think you will feel a difference immediately.

This exercise is ideal for you if you have concerns about osteoporosis or osteopenia.

This is a wonderful exercise because it is efficient and effective at keeping women strong, their posture beautiful, and preventing any slumping over. Plus, if you are dealing with achy, neck, upper back, or shoulders, then Ball Cobra is great for providing natural pain relief. You will feel how it’s like the opposite physical action to our daily labors of love.

Ball Cobra may provide relief for a stiff shoulder - Supergirl Fitness

“Ahhhh, this feels so good,” is usually what I hear most people say when they try Ball Cobra.

I hope this DIY Yoga Class introducing you to Ball Cobra will help you feel informed and empowered about taking good care of your body today, and every day!

It feels so good, to feel so good!
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