Movement is Medicine

Linda VerPlank performing Ball Bridge Pose - Supergirl Fitness
Just recently,

a new, 60-year-young, fitness-lover, with a background in dance and a passion for musicals inquired about starting a class at Supergirl Fitness. How fun, a perfect fit? I thought.

I was surprised when she told me her health history that included daily pain management as a result of a ruptured disc and a subsequent back surgery, and that she used to walk with a limp (and that she also had knee surgery). Her chipper attitude and positive perspective on life made it really hard for me to believe that her body had been through so much.

I suggested that she start taking “Seniors’ Yoga” because this class practices a lot of “pain-free” exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles that will put one’s body back into proper alignment - and therefore be pain-free. She had never done yoga before and was apprehensive, for good reason. But she went for it and was welcomed by her new yoga buddies.

When I heard her say these words, I thought, I’ve just got to share her story. It’s a great example of how movement can be medicine and how the body can fix itself!

“Since I started your class, I’ve no longer been taking Extra Strength Tylenol.”
Here’s more in her own words:

A Note from Linda VerPlank

“Since my back surgery in 1996, I have taken two, over the counter, Extra Strength Tylenol as needed before bed. When I started my first class with you in late fall, I decided after a few classes to see if I could discontinue my Extra Strength Tylenol at bedtime. I was feeling so good after each class that I thought it was worth a try. As of right now, I haven’t taken any in about 12 weeks and I sleep through the night. I still experience burning down my legs, from the nerve damage, but it seems to have lessened with my participation in your class. ”

Linda VerPlank, one of Genevra's clients - Supergirl Fitness

“Through the stretching and various poses, I have seen improvement in my flexibility and how my back and knees feel. I am thrilled that I found you and your class online. I had reservations about trying a Yoga class due to the back and knee problems I have lived with for many years. I am so glad that I contacted you and took the first step to making positive changes in my life with Yoga. ”

“It goes to show no matter how old I am I should always be willing to try new experiences. I look forward to continuing to improve my technique with your guidance and helpful suggestions. I can’t wait to see what you and Yoga class have in store for me and my body. Thank you for your encouragement and helping me be the best that I can be. I love your class!”

Thank you, Linda. Your story is awesome and I hope to hear more about how eliminating daily ingestion of pain killers affects your overall health!

I know this testimonial will resonate with a lot of my students because it echos the things I hear on a regular basis.

Finally, I hope it encourages you to try a new a yoga or fitness class.

Victory to health and healing - Supergirl Fitness

Victory to health and healing!
Victory to the body’s inner-wisdom!

I hope this story gave you motivation to keep you movin’! And share it with a friend! (And don’t forget your cobras!)

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