Balancing Basics: First Warrior

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Hello all of my yoga and fitness buddies out there!
How’s it going?

I’m excited to be Springing into action with you this May as we continue the Year of Balance!

This new 5-Min DIY Yoga class is a nice way to maintain knee strength, and flexibility in your feet and ankles. It’s appropriate for people over 50 who may have noticed a decline in balance lately, because during this class 1) you will be balancing with two feet on the ground, and 2) you can make it gentle or more challenging just by changing the length of your stance.

Assuming that there’s no knee or back aggravation I’d say, you may enjoy this as a daily activity.
First Warrior helps maintain knee strength and flexibility - Supergirl Fitness

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

May all of the upward energy Spring keep you feeling strong, upright and balanced!

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