Balancing Basics: Third Warrior

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I’m happy to be sharing with you the latest installment for the year of balance.

If you felt good about the last series then this one may be a nice progression for you. Today, let’s find out how easy it is to master Third Warrior.

Remember these tips as your are practicing this one:

If you aren’t feeling confident about your balance today then keep a wall nearby and hang on to it. Also, you can go through the movements without your back toe ever leaving the ground - you’re still balancing and you’ll develop the strength in your hips and back.

Finally, don’t get too attached to having to have your arms over your head. In my teaching experience most people create more tension in the neck and shoulders. Instead, feel a lengthening up and out through your head and backward in your foot. Remember that you’re like a “teeter-totter”.

Third Warrior - Remember that you're like a teeter-totter!
Give this one a try and do it as often as you like, and please let me know how it went.

And don’t forget to share it with someone you like that you think would also benefit from some Supergirl Fitness. I look forward to seeing you in a yoga or fitness class soon!!

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