You're Only as Old as Your Spine

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You are Only as Old as Your Spine - Supergirl Fitness

Someone I know recently returned from a retreat in Costa Rica where she was doing a lot of yoga. The teacher told them,

“You’re only as old as your spine.”

Marvelous! I just love this! Exactly the inspiration I’ve been looking for! This just makes so much sense to me that I could kiss the person who coined this phrase. (Why do you think we do Cat Rolls in just about every weekly class? For the attainment of vertebra-by-vertebra movement awareness, of course!)

So, how old is your spine today?

How does that compare to what you driver’s license says? Also, what type of movement is your spine asking for these days? (Mine is telling me to do some of those supported bridge poses with the blocks under the hips!)

With this in mind I want to offer you a new DIY yoga series on the theme of “Free the Spine.”

Here’s Flowing Wall Hang:

The Wall Hang flow is specific to TriYoga and demonstrates the practice of moving through flexion to natural alignment and maintaining length in the spine through the flow. It’s an amazing feeling to have the shoulders stretch like this too.

I hope this gives you a chance to practice your Wall Hang flow!

Let me know how it goes!

Because it feels so good to feel so good!
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