Offering Gratitude

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You are Only as Old as Your Spine - Supergirl Fitness

In this season of gratitude, I would like to express mine toward the most senior yogis and yoginis (those pushing 80 years-young) - whose bodies I have the honor to flow with everyday. I am most amazed at their attainment of mastery of the spine - especially in Mountain Cat Flow (see below).

Mountain Cat Kriya:

The ability to gain vertebra-by-vertebra movement awareness takes a superior level of commitment and a dedication - with pay offs in the form of vibrance and vitality, I hope they would say!

For my students that aren’t quite up for this flow yet, keep practicing those Cat Rolls and Leg Stretch and maybe you’ll surprise yourself soon.

For others, accept that it may not happen in this lifetime. That’s okay! I do believe that you gain benefit and knowledge by learning this spinal movement visually, not just kinesthetically. So watch it again!

Either way, let’s keep on moving. :-)

Because it feels so good to feel so good!
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