Yoga Class FAQ

Yoga Class FAQ - Supergirl Fitness

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you flow into a new routine:

Which class is right for me - Supergirl Fitness

Which class is right for me?

I usually recommend that we communicate over the phone to determine which class is right for you. Feel free to leave a voicemail at 585-747-9260 and we can chat about it! Some classes are strength-specific, while others are therapeutic, and others are a combinations of both.

Which mat is the one - Supergirl Fitness

Which mat is the one?

While I provide extra squishy mats to make your joints happy, I do ask that each student bring their own mat to put on top. When deciding on your yoga mat, you may want to consider how thick it is, its weight, ease of rolling up, and also what it's made of. Pick a color that makes you happy of course, and please be sure to air out a new mat before class.

What should I wear - Supergirl Fitness

What should I wear?

I recommend that you dress comfortably and consider wearing layers. Warm people you may want consider wearing natural fibers. Most of all, wear what makes you happy! And please leave the perfume at home.

What's the room temperature - Supergirl Fitness

What's the room temperature?

The room is air conditioned in summer and heated in winter to 70-75+ degrees depending on the class. Those that tend to be colder may want warm socks during the deep relaxation part of class because you'll be reclined and not moving, thus lowering your body temperature.

What do I need to bring - Supergirl Fitness

What do I need to bring?

Just your mat. Equipment is provided at the studio including blocks, belts, and bolsters. Water and a face towel are also available. It's common that students arrive about 10 minutes prior to class. If you are running late it's okay, please try to be quiet when you enter the yoga room.

How do these classes work - Supergirl Fitness

How do these classes work?

When you sign-up for a class you are guaranteed a spot in your small-group class of 6-8 students for that session (class sessions are generally a series over 8 weeks). Once you've been enrolled you will have "first dibs" on your spot in class for the subsequent session. Some classes are working on a specific theme and others are focused on health maintenance. When you are new to class feel free to request some time to sit down and chat about your health history, fitness goals and and limitations

Hope to see you in class soon!
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