Sharing the Aloha Spirit

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Sharing the Aloha Spirit - Supergirl Fitness

We made it back to the mainland with no disruptions from the volcano and are fully saturated with the Aloha Spirit.

Daniel and I were celebrating our recent house sale and our 108 anniversary (10 years together and 8 years married.) I’m happy to share a couple pics from our trip to Kauai’i. Many of my yoga buddies have been there so I hope this brings back good memories for ya!

The natural wonders of stars and sunsets, beaches, banyan trees, fruit (eating mangoes off the ground), roaming cocks, plumerias everywhere. It was paradise.

Highlights were definitely hiking the Waimea Canyon Canyon Trail and the Goat Trail to the Na Pali Coast. (The pictures do no justice to the breathtaking views.) The inclines and declines on these hikes were quite intense and so worth it, it made me so grateful to have my health - and yours. Thank you for many years of working together to stay strong, upright and balanced!

Genevra Petito at Waimea Canyon - Supergirl Fitness

We met a couple on our hike celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary that said they’ve been coming to Kauai for the past 9 years and that we were lucky to have found that trail because it lesser known and not on the map.

Hangin Loose Kaua'i Style - Supergirl Fitness
Red-Footed Booby, Kilauea Lighthouse - Supergirl Fitness
Brazilian Cardinal Friend - Supergirl Fitness
Roaming Roosters - Supergirl Fitness
Banyan Trees in Waimea - Supergirl Fitness
Na Pali Love - Supergirl Fitness

That’s kind of how to trip went - lucky and magical with divine timing.

We were able to get to the state of Oneness, to be completely present and to have zero worries. Victory to health and adventure!

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