Put a little "weight" on for Empowered Aging

Put a little 'weight' on for Empowered Aging - Supergirl Fitness

I am so happy that I have recently heard from a couple of my senior yoginis that the recent results of their DEXA bone scan showed improvement and moved them out of the osteoporosis category!

YEAH! Victory to health and healing! Victory to strong bones and long life! Victory to long-term health-care!

It is possible to reverse osteoporosis results when you take action! Breathe. Walk. Yoga. Chi it up, baby! Keep on moving in a way that feels good!

For my customers with concerns about bones I’d highly recommend this magic weight vest. It’s pretty comfortable - more so than a backpack, though you could probably use a backpack if it has a waist and chest straps. I like it because it’s not too warm, and distributes eight pounds evenly. Plus when you look at it your brain says ‘weight vest build bones’ and your body says, “okay, that’s what I do!”

The weighted vest actually feels really great to wear while walking because it brings instant awareness to the muscles in your entire torso and gives a sense of purpose to your exertion.

Weight Vest in Action - Supergirl Fitness

When you introduce it to your walking routine, do so gradually. I’d recommend doing about 10 minutes walking without the vest, then 5-10 minutes with the vest, then repeat 5-10 without. (We were at Cobbs Hill and I did 3 laps, just the second one with the vest.) Be aware of any joint pain when wearing the vest and remove it immediately if so! Work-up gradually and comfortably to a longer duration.

If you are not a walker or you want another use, it’s also a great companion to your seated breathing and meditation practice. Oh, also, for my Qi Gong buddies a perfect compliment as you move the chi. Try it with Cat Rolls too and maybe even Standing Cobras against the wall. Get creative (but not too creative) and let me know how it goes.

Be sure to tell you body it’s job. For example, “let’s go bones - time to get those osteoblasts and osteoclasts in the groove! I want stronger hips bones now! And especially that L5! Let’s do this! Thank you!

However you choose to use the vest the extra weight will likely stimulate your bones cells and get denser. For about $35 and a little extra effort, I think it’s worth it! And hopefully you’ll be getting the good news back from you doctor soon too!!!

It feels so good to have empowered aging - Supergirl Fitness

Keep up the good work! Because it feels so good to have empowered aging!

P.S. If you found this information helpful please share it with someone that could use a little support. We are in this together!

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