What is Empowered Aging?

What is Empowered Aging - Supergirl Fitness

Dear Yogis,

Greetings on the other side of the Vernal Equinox! How’s it going over there? If you haven’t been to yoga class in a while then I hope this message finds you feeling strong, upright, and balanced!

Over here, it’s nice to have some “seasonal weather” and the back-to-school vibes in the air too. I’m happy to report that I've been taking an online course called Yoga for the Pelvic Floor - Keys to Lifelong Health to get me ready for a new class I’m offering. Empowered Aging classes will be offered soon and will emphasize strengthening and relaxing the lower body with the specific focus on the pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening the pelvic floor will help with incontinence and other issues that can happen later in life.

This is serious stuff!
You all know that getting older is NOT for wimps!

The pelvic floor is considered a group of 16 muscles that have connections to boney spots that you are very familiar with - the sit bones, pubic bone, and tailbone. These muscles can weaken due to multiple child births, hysterectomy, cesarean, inactivity and poor posture. When these muscles get weak, stress incontinence is a common occurrence. This can happen from a hard laugh out loud movement, a little sneeze, or maybe lifting something heavy.

Pelvic Floor Diagram - Supergirl Fitness

While this class has a specific focus it will also have the feeling of a well rounded yoga class that will make your legs feel stronger in a new way and give you a sparkle of energy. You do not have to be dealing with incontinence to come to class.

During this 4-class mini-series we’ll cover these areas and refine our awareness as we progress.

Here are some notes I jotted down:

  • Recruiting the pelvic floor through muscle movement, for example, Bridge Pose, Triangle, Plié Squat are all very effective. During each pose, focus will be on specific ways to foster awareness of pelvic floor structures and increase control over the pelvic floor muscles, in addition to improving general fitness and conditioning and promoting mindfulness, deep breathing, and relaxation.
  • Sensing the natural pelvic floor movement during seated postures, including Butterfly, Natural Seat, Tortoise. There is an option to sit on multiple bolsters or a chair for the most comfort.
  • Sit Bone self-massage.
  • Micromovements including Fire Wash Kriyas on exhalation retention and Root Kriya on inhalation retention for more strength and awareness.
  • Deep relaxation of the Pelvic Floor with hip and leg stretches, Legs up the Wall, Reclined Squat, and Leg Stretch.

I’m looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you during Empowered Aging - Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health because I feel so passionate about taking action now for the best long-term health care planning!

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